Our Mission

Wellspring Chaplaincy Initiative is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2019 to contribute to the understanding and advancement of healthcare chaplaincy in Muslim communities in the U.S.

Wellspring will support healthcare chaplains and chaplain candidates in their professional and educational growth.

Wellspring will work to advance awareness of healthcare chaplaincy across diverse communities and institutions that are not necessarily Muslims or Islamic.

Need for Wellspring

  • Healthcare chaplaincy is a very new profession among Muslims
  • Number of trained Muslim chaplains is very low comparing to chaplains of other faiths
  • Only two Muslim staff chaplains at the entire Texas Medical Center where more than 90,000 people work
  • Interest among Muslims for healthcare chaplaincy is growing
To the best of our knowledge, no organization helping the advancement of Muslim chaplains exists in the entire country.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, "a visionary group of scholars, chaplaincy leaders, and educators that is dedicated to supporting chaplains in healthcare, the military, prisons, airports, seaports, workplaces, colleges and universities, and other settings in recognizing and responding to the changes in American religious and spiritual life.

Read more at: www.chaplaincyinnovation.org

Meet the Team

Our team brings vast knowledge, rich experience, and professionalism to Wellspring, coming from diverse backgrounds that are much related to the mission of the Wellspring.

Ali R. Candir, BCC

Founder & President

Reyhan Isbilir, MA

Vice President

Matthew S. Yavuz, M.A.


Kamile Yagci, Ph.D.